Susant’s Breathing Sensor Apparatus- An Angel in Disguise For the Disables (2008)

Once when Susant had gone to a hospital with his father at the age of 16 and he came across an old age paralyzed person who was being assisted by a nurse. He was completely depended on the nurse. The man was just like a vegetable. He was slightly moving his fingers, which indicated that he wanted something, but that nurse without knowing what exactly he need, just handed him a glass of water. Poor elderly spilled the water all over him because that was not what he actually needed. This small incident moved me completely. For days after that scene he was able to feel the man’s pain and despair. He felt their lives are worst than death. His conscience provoked him and he decided to do something for such people. Thinking about the common activities between a disable person and a normal human being he found that brain and breathing are common activities, which they both share. Hence he invented the Breathing Sensor Apparatus device, which helped the disabled people.

Susant’s Breathing Sensor Apparatus is a device by which a completely disabled person can do all types of work as a normal human being can do and that via sniffing/ breathing.

Unique Features

Via sniffing/breathing commands a disabled person can-

> Navigate wheel chair in any direction,

> Operate all electrical and electronics appliances like bulb, fan, TV etc,

> Operate cell phone and text SMS to their family members.


Succesful pilot testing of this invention has been done on different types of disabled people in Apollo Hospital & Kar Hospital
at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Commercialsation is being done by Susant’s own company in association with National Innovation Foundation (NIF).