Special Vehicle Security System (2011)

> A system by which a person can protect your vehicle before being stolen. When you install this system, and start the vehicle, you will
receive a phone call on the registered mobile number, which indicates that your vehicle has started.

> Each time you starts your vehicle you will receive a call. If you have started your vehicle then you can simply reject the call, but if in case a thief has started your vehicle, you just need to reject the call and have to send a special password in the form of message (sms) to that number.

> As soon as you send a sms, your vehicle will stop instantly and will not start. Then you can come back to your parking position of your vehicle and you can find your vehicle just 20m- 30m away by the parking location.

> When you get back your vehicle, you can simple reset the system by sending another special password as message (sms).

> Voice Recognition Security system and finger print security system mode are also in option.

> If you have parked your car in a parking place and during that time if any one tries to steal it by lifting it up in a mini truck, then also you will get a emergency phone call.


The invention is being commercialised by Susant’s own company.