Special Low Cost Electricity System- A Dream Come True for Rural Life (2012)

When Susant had gone to a village in Agar, MP, he found there was absence of electricity. There when he asked few people regarding this problem, they told they have never seen electricity in their whole life. They are bound to survive in the extreme hot summer without fans, at night without any light etc.
They use to travel 7-8 km just to charge their cell phones to the near by city at a price of Rs 10/- per cell phone. So finally the idea was initiated by Susant to develop low cost electricity system for them so that they can lead a convinent life. We urban people need around high power supply of around 250 V to run heavy electrical appliances like TV, AC, Computer etc.
But for those who have never seen electricity in their whole life, for them if they get atleast light & fan for few hrs, it will be a dream come true for

This device can activate one bulb & fan in a house of a village. It can be recharged via their own bi-cycle. They only need to do cycling for 30- 45 min to make it’s battery complete charge.
Here output supply is 12 V, as around 250 V power supply is require for heavy electrical appliances.


It works when someone rotates the pedal of the cycle, which in turn rotates the two dynamos attached at the center of the back wheel. Then around 15 V output is being generated from that dynamo. A specially designed circuit is attached to it so that the output comes exactly 15 V, i.e no voltage fluctuation. That 15 V is used to charge the battery. It takes around 30- 45 min time to completely charge the battery. After the battery gets fully charge, there is an automation circuit attached to it, by which it automatically disconnect the charging supply to avoid energy loss. Once the battery is fully charged, it is ready to give power supply to two 12 V loads, i.e. LED Bulb & Fan.

Unique Features

> To provide low cost power supply for village people, with less effort.

> They can even charge their cell phones.


The invention has been sponsored by Reliance Foundation. Succesful Pilot testing has been done at Agar village.
Commercialisation is being done by this organisation.