Inventions/ Innovations

His journey began at a tender age of 16 and today Susant Pattnaik has innumerable inventions and patents to his name. His first invention was Susant’s Breathing Sensor Apparatus for the Disable for which he got numerous awards and recognitions. His inventions solve social problems, makes life style convenient and plain sailing.

Social Inventions/ Innovations
Susant Pattnaik has invented few devices/ gadgets to solve social problems like
Rape Attacks, Disabilities, Electricity Problems in Villages etc.

Inventions/ Innovations To Make Life Convenient
Susant Pattnaik has invented few devices/ gadgets
for public to lead a convenient life.

Inventions/ Innovations for Advertisements Purpose
Susant Pattnaik also deals with Commercial Ads &
Brand Promotions in a very innovative manner through his entertaining inventions/ innovations.

Susant Pattnaik Skills

100% Complete
Research & Development · 99%

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Entrepreneurship · 90%

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Speaking · 88%

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Mentoring · 94%

Inventor/ Innovator As Career

6 inventions/ innovations of Susant Pattnaik are running successfully in the market. 3 of his inventions/ innovations are
in pilot testing stage.

Two Wheeler Ambulance

Physio Band

Super Gesture World

Super Intelligence System

  • Speaking Engagements

    As Inspirational Speaker

    Susant has spoken at more than 60 organisations like TED- India,
    The INK Talks- Lavasa, Fab-10 International Conference- Spain, ICAI Abu Dhabi Chapter, NASA- USA and many more.
    He is frequent guest speaker in many events of corporates, NGOs, IITs, IIMs & renowned engineering colleges too.
    He is a complete package of motivation, inspiration and knowledge. For more >>


    As Innovative Advertiser

    Susant Pattnaik as innovative advertiser has done numerous innovative commercial ads &
    brand promotions
    for various organisations by using his entertaining innovations.


    As Professional Inventor/ Innovator

    Susant Pattnaik as Professional Inventor/ Innovator has done numerous inventions/ innovations for various organizations.


  • Susant Pattnaik’s inventions have great promise & applicability in various fields. He deserves appreciations
    for his efforts. I wish him all the best in his endeavors.

    Anil K Gupta
    Vice Chairperson- NIF-India,

    Professor- IIM-A

  • Susant Pattnaik brings immense commitment, vision and intelligence

    to his work. His work holds great promise and good applicability in various fields. He

    deserves appreciation and all the support for his commendable work.

    Shradha Sharma
    Founder & CEO- YourStory

  • Susant Pattnaik has devised a breath analyzer
    sensor which can wirelessly transmit a person’s commands to
    operate a variety of equipments. This
    is really as futuristic as one can think even in the twenty-first century.

    Narayanan Suresh
    Group Editor- MIT Technology Review