Raksha Band- An Antivirus for Rape Attacks (2014)

To teach rapists not to rape girls is same as to teach a mad dog not to bite humans. Rape is like a virus now. Men who rape are psychologically very disturbed and imbalanced. They are just hunger to rape girls. Its really meaningless to teach them not to rape girls.

So now its high time for girls to get empowered and save themselves from rape attacks. So Susant Pattnaik thought to invent a special gadget Raksha Band, a complete self defence device for girls to save themselves from rape attacks. Now men will not be able to even touch any girl without their permission.

When a person thinks to rape a girl, he doesn’t able to think of its afterward consequences like he may be jailed/ imprisoned for life time.

There are many electric shock bands in the market but in this case, a person can wear electric proof arm vest, and then can snatch that electric band from the lady and throw it down.

So apart from electric shock features, there should be advanced additional features.

Methodology/process adopted for its development

First listed out types of rape attacks done so far and developed such features which can prevent those attacks.
Then developed the band that consists of both main features for attack and defense. It should be light weight and easy portability. It is designed in such a way that no person can able to grab the girl. He will fail to snatch the special band
from her wrist and throw it down due to its special features which is included.
This special band will be a complete self defence device for the girls to save themselves
from rape attacks. Lots of R&D has been done to develop the first working model. Many unique features are included in the band.

Unique Features

> Special Micro Cellular Technology to make immediate call to the nearest police station by pressing a single button and then activating speaker mode so that policemen can directly talk with the man and can threaten him.

> Micro Heater Technology is used in the band for defence. If the attacker try to grab the girls hand then his hand would get burn even if he is wearing gloves. It reaches around more than 100 degree celsius temperature in few secs (4- 5 sec) and keeps on increasing further, without affecting her hand. Special design arrangement has to be done so that the girl won’t feel any heat on her hand.
The attacker will fail to snatch the band due to this feature.

> Super Flash Beam is another feature in the special band for attack. The flash light bang is so powerful that it would make the attacker blind for few min.

> Super Micro Siren to create a havoc in the surrounding, so that the attacker may run away in fear of getting caught.

> Micro High Ampere Batteries to enable the band run for longer duration.

> This band is Mini Size, Water Proof, Flexible & Light Weight that made it easy and comfortable wear.


The invention has been sponsored by MJFF-Ahd. Pilot testing has been initiated by this organisation.