Drive-less Car Technology Kit (2014)

We all know that road accidents are common now-a-days and its high time to put a full stop to this problem.
Hence, Susant developed a device, Drive-less Car Technology Kit, which can be fit in any modern car to make it drive-less one.

By implementing it,
After this technology get fit in a car, the car run without any driver and only via hand gestures. It can run from one place to other without any driver assistant. You can mention the starting and end point on the tab in that car, it would reach the destination automatically, by managing the Indian traffic conditions. There is also special accident proof technology to avoid any kind of road accidents.


The technology works via different hand gesture patterns. Susant has designed a gesture band by wearing you can control the motion of any four wheeler vehicle just via hand gestures. There is a receiver unit kit that can be fitted in any car to make the car run through hand gesture. It works through radio frequency signals.

You can even unlock and start your car via that special band by doing special gesture patterns. Any other can’t start your car without that band. There is also accident prove technology kit attached with that receiver unit inside the car by which the car is free from any kind of road accidents.

Unique Features

> No need to buy a special car, fix this device and make your normal car a special one.

> Just mention your destination place, and you will reach there automatically.

> You can view do the camera view mode through any smart phone and then you can park your vehicle by sitting anywhere.

> You can also bring your car close to you if you have parked your car at far distance place, without actually driving.

> This vehicle is also free from any kind of road accidents, it will not even fall in any pit or from mountains.


The invention has been sponsored by Heritage Group & RMJ Motos TATA. Succesful Pilot testing has been done at
“2nd-International Auto Show” organised by Pradesh Today Group.
After few more modifications & pilot testings, commercialisation will start soon by next year.