Super Sense Technology (2011)

In this technological advanced world, why we are still using physical keyboards and mouse to operate computers/ laptops? Susant developed a device by using which, one can operate laptop/ computer applications like ppt, excel, word pad, internet, games etc, just by walking on road via different hand gesture patterns. i.e. without using keyboards or mouse. It can be benefit for both normal as well as disabled people.

It's a combo pack of special designed laptop + pico projector + special gesture controller + special circuits. The complete system is in the form of a jacket.

The special gesture controller is in the form of a wrist band. When you activate the band it gets wirlesssly connected with the in-built laptop in the jacket and the display gets project out from it. The medium for projection can be floor, wall or roof top. The wrist band works as a mini sensitive mouse & keyboard. When one makes differnt hand gesture movements, the mouse cruser moves accordingly on the screen. When one makes double click action in the air by pointing to any appliacation/ folder on the screen it gets open. Maximize, minimize and closing of application/ folder can be done similarly. One can make typing action in air and it would get actually typed on the laptop screen. This technology is almost replacing mouse and keyboard. The connection is between the band and laptop is via wifi/ bluetooth.

Unique Features
> Best for interactive presentations.

> Interactive way for teaching to students.

> Will work where electricity is not available.

> Easy to transport (Portable).

> Compatible with Mac & Windows operating systems.

The invention has been sponsored by MJFF-Ahd. Succesful Pilot testing has been done at various international events like
TED-India, KDY, INK-Talks and lots more. Commercialisation is being done by Susant's own company.