Inventions/ Innovations to Solve Social Problems {Social Innovations}

Raksha Band- An Anti Virus for Rape Attacks (2014)

Susant’s Breathing Sensor Apparatus- An Angel in Disguise For the Disables (2008)

Special Low Cost Electricity System- A Dream Come True for Rural Life (2012)

Inventions/ Innovations To Make Life Convenient

Drive-less Car Technology Kit (2014)

Super Chair (2014)

Super Sense Technology (2011)

Special Vehicle Security System (2011)

Special Water Pump Automation System (2009)

Inventions/ Innovations for Advertisment/ Entertainment Purpose

Super Electromagnetic Device (2014)

Real Iron Man Hand (2014)

Gesture Based Operating Electrical Appliances (2013)

Upcoming Inventions/ Innovations

Two Wheeler Ambulance

Physio Band

Super Gesture World

Super Intelligence System