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    Susant Pattnaik delivering seminar
    at Fab-10 International Conference, Barcelona, Spain (2014)
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    Live Innovations Show @INK Talks, Lavasa (2010)
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    @Barcelona, Spain (2014)
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    Susant Pattnaik At NASA Space Centre
    Alabama, USA (2011)
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    Susant Pattnaik delivering seminar
    At KDY-13 @Goa (2013)

About Susant

The most ordinary and common people usually perform something very extraordinary and uncommon. Susant Pattnaik is one such young lad who hails from Bhubaneswar, Odisha who is a serial inventor, serial entrepreneur, inspirational/ motivational speaker and has been awarded the President’s Award sixth times. While still in his teens Susant became one of the youngest speakers to have spoken at TED.
Being a greatly motivated inventor his areas of interest include scientific innovations & research.

His first successful invention, Susant’s Breathing Sensor Apparatus, a device where disabled person can conduct their daily necessary jobs through breathing actions, which won him numerical national and international awards and considerations. He has been appreciated by numerical worthy personalities, like the Former President of India H.E. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam via NIF at IIM Ahmadabad in 2009 as the best innovation among thousands of other innovators, the Former President of India H.H.Smt Pratibha Patil, The President of India H.E.Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Former DG of CSIR Dr R A Mashelkar, Dr Sam Pitroda, Mr James Cameron and many others. Organisations as MIT Technology Review published his technology at a tender age of 17 years and others like NASA, Intel, NIF etc have awfully appreciated and valued him.

Today, he is no more the wonder-kid of the block but rather a social tech entrepreneur that the world is both inspired by and in awe of. Susant is also helping unsupported inventors take their creations to the next level.

As Entrepreneur

As Social Entrepreneur

Susant Pattnaik has founded Scientific Innovation Foundation (SIF) in 2011, an organisation to promote, generate, document and conceptualise all the innovative ideas present in every nook and corner of the World. It gives an immense pleasure to conduct social works. Through his NGOs he helps many poor and unsupported inventors that they develop their innovations to international level and support to be an entrepreneur. He has joined hands with, to initiate more prototype inventions from young inventors of India and convert them to reality and link them to various industries. He has also joined hands with SWANS to help and motivate slum living children towards innovations, next with with Armaan Foundation to empower disabled people through his social inventions, with Reliance Foundation to help out rural people through his social inventions. He has successfully collaborated his NGO with these organisations to contribute more towards society.

As Technopreneur

He is the Co-Founder of Spintrotech ℗ Ltd in 2012, a social venture company that develops innovative products from its in-house inventors & then commercialize it. Commercialising of his inventions are being done by him through my social venture company, in collaborations with Intel,, NIF, MJFF etc. It gives a better experience to start entrepreneurship.

As Serial Entrepreneur

Apart from Spintrotech ℗ Ltd & SIF, Susant has other start ups too. In 2012, he has founded SP R&D Solutions ℗ Ltd that deals with corporate and industrial projects. Through this company he develops raw ideas into working products, so that those companies can take their innovative products for commercialization. In the same year he has also founded an innovative advertisement company SP Innovative Advertising ℗ Ltd for Commercial Ads, Corporate Events, Product Launch, Road Shows, Brand Promotion etc in a very innovative manner. He has very innovative concepts in the above fields and already done such since 2 years. He has very innovative grand opening of products in such events in a very innovative way through his innovations.

He is also interested in delivering motivational talks to inspire the youth through his life story & live innovations show around the world wherever he is invited as guest speaker at corporates, NGOs and collages. Well this is not end of his start-ups, he is still in search for new start-ups…


As Inventor

Published in MIT Technology Review in TR-35 category as the youngest inventor at age 17, 2010,

TED-India Speaker- 2012,

INK Fellow- 2010,

Intel IRIS Best Popular Invention Awardee- 2010,

NASA Awardee- 2011,

DLF- Pramerica Spirit Of Community Awardee- 2011,

Golden Book of World Record Holder- 2012,

President of India Awardee by Shri Pranab Mukherjee by NIF- 2013,

President of India Awardee by Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil by NIF- 2009,

IGNITE 09 (NIF) Awardee by the Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam- 2009,

IGNITE 08 (NIF) Awardee by the Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam- 2008,

KVPY Fellow- 2009,

NCSC- Awardee- 2009,

35th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition Awardee by NCERT- 2008,

CBSE National Science Exhibition Awardee- 2008,

Institute of Physics Exhibition awardee- 2008, and many more….

As Entrepreneur

Asia’s IIT, Mumbai Business Plan Contest Awardee- 2011,

IDEAS 12, IIT Kanpur Business Plan Contest Awardee- 2012,

Judge at SELL- X, Exodia, IIT Mandi Business Plan Contest- 2012, And many more..


Susant Pattnaik, started delivering motivational talks at a tender age of 17 which started with his first talk at INK Talks- Lavasa,. He inspires the young budding talent through his amazing life story, around the world wherever he is invited as guest speaker. He motivates many people towards innovation & entrepreneurship and astonishes them through “The Unbelievable Innovations Show”. The innovation show, which consists of a major part of seminar, is a unique amalgamation of curiosity, thrill, entertainment & learning. He is known for giving new dimension to innovations.

Susant has spoken at more than 60 organizations like TED- India, The INK Talks- Lavasa, Fab-10 International Conference- Spain, NASA- USA and many more. He is frequent guest speaker in many events of corporates, NGOs, IITs, IIMs & renowned engineering colleges too. He is a complete package of motivation, inspiration and knowledge.


Aim & Objective Susant’s Talk Contents
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Tv Shows

Documentary Movie of Susant Pattnaik has been telecasted by various TV Channels like…

Susant is now planning for an exclusive TV Show, that aims to create interest in today’s youth towards innovations and technologies. He would be giving live demonstration of his magical innovations in each episode that would create lots of curiosity to viewers towards technologies used behind each innovations.

Team Susant Pattnaik

Many proficient people in the field of R&D and Management are working with Susant Pattnaik to produce desired results in less span of time. Susant Pattnaik’s team members are ingenious and have expertise their respective fields. They have even worked for the national & international organizations.

Team R&D

Shashikant Dubey

{Mechanical Engineer}

IIT Bombay Graduate,
Work Experience- 2 years experience as R&D Manager at TATA Steel Ltd,
Specialization in Mathematical Modeling & Operations Research.
Looks after the mechanical part of Susant Pattnaik’s innovations.

      Bhoopendra Tiwari

Bhoopendra Tiwari

{Mechanical Engineer}

IIT Kharakpur Graduate,
Work Experience- 2 years experience as R&D Manager at Mahendra & Mahendra,
Specialization in Mechanical Engineering.
Looks after the mechanical part of Susant Pattnaik’sinnovations.

        Henry Skupniewicz

Henry Skupniewicz

{Computational Engineer}

MIT USA Graduate,
Work Experience- 3 years experience as Researcher at MIT Media Lab, USA.
Specialization in Computational Design, Design Thinking etc.
Looks after the product designing, advanced technology & software part of Susant Pattnaik’s innovations.

      Subrato Howlader

Subrato Howlader

{Electronics Engineer}

Work Experience-3 years experience as HOD in Electronics at OCT, Bhopal
Specialization in Embedded Systems, PLC, Lab View etc.
Looks after the advanced technology part of Susant Pattnaik’s innovations.

Team Management
 Abhishek Khare

Abhishek Khare

{PR/ Media & Marketing}

Indore University Graduate,
Work Experience- 2 years experience as PR Head/ Media at Sagar Group, Author of 5 books, Creative Writer at Zee TV,
Specialization in PR/ Media & Marketing. Author of the book “4th Idiots” based on the inspiring life story of Susant Pattnaik.
Looks after the PR/ Media & Marketing of Susant Pattnaik.

 Rishav Kothari

Rishav Kothari

{Portfolio Designer}

Work Experience- 5 years experience as Portfolio Designer at Black Pepper Designs.
Specialization in Designing & Branding.
Looks after the Social Media Pages & Portfolio of Susant Pattnaik.

      Rajeswar Mohanty

Rajeswar Mohanty

{Web Designer & Social Media Manager}

Work Experience- 8 years experience as Web Designer at Nirmalya Web Solutions.

Specialization in Web Designing, Web Application Devlopment & Social Media Branding.
Looks after the Social Media Pages & Websites of Susant Pattnaik.

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